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On the expert server, ATC must go to ATC schedule location? Or ATC can choose where to control?

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IFATC must follow the ATC schedule


Hey! IFATC must control at the specific listed airports. If they are all taken they can then open elsewhere, however this is rare. IFATC may also be given rare permission to open for large events that are not on the schedule.


Oh, IFATC is expert server ATC? So if ATC that can control on expert server want to control outside ATC schedule location they must go to training server?

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Here is the IFATC schedule for this week. They are posted on Sundays for the upcoming week, IFATC also follows the FNF which details are released for on Thursday.

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IFATC are not allowed to control on the training server, no.


So people who joined expert server ATC cannot choose where to control even not on expert server? Why? Then I do not join expert server ATC.

That is totally your choice, it is not for everyone! Part of the deal of training and earning the privilege of IFATC is giving up that small freedom. Keeping IFATC in one area allows us to do things such as events, schedules, and provide complete coverage for many flights.


There are also times where IFATC are encouraged to open up their home airports.


^ Like this upcoming Sunday, for example. IFATC will be opening up airports all across the world.


I currently in the process of becoming ifatc. Could I still open up radar on training once I’m ifatc?


No - as said earlier by Misha - you will no longer be able to control on Training once you become IFATC.


You can not open Radar on the Training Server.

You may have some training sessions on the Training Server when working to become a Radar controller with IFATC but this will only be with the explicit permission of your trainer, most times in their presence.

When you join IFATC, you really don’t look back to the Training Server. It’s incredible working a focused network of airports that changes each day and the schedules are great!

Once you become an IFATC local controller (Tower, Ground, and ATIS), you will not be able to control Radar on either of the controllable servers until you are training to be or are certified as a Radar controller.


That’s kind of disappointing because I enjoy doing radar but IFATC will be a nice change when it comes to tower because pilots will actually listen.

Well when you become an IFATC, you have the chance of becoming a radar controller.

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