ATC livestream expert server (Offline)


Good evening,
Today I will open EHAM APPR come watch and ask if you have any questions!


Hey good evening everyone!
today I will be opening KLAX TWR, check it out!


Great job there! Looks very busy haha!


Gonna come pay you a visit


I went offline for a while now, but I want to thank the people who watched me.
Don’t forget to follow me, so you get a notification when I am online again.
(Lets go for the 50 followers guys!)
A little poll, should I continue streaming on twitch or stream on YouTube?

  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • Both

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hey guys, since the poll result is pretty clear I will switch to Youtube.
My youtube channel is this one:
Don’t forget to sub;)
I will go live in about 10 mins, so make sure you come watching!
Edit I will be controlling MMMX
Edit 2 I am open


You should try and play around with so that users from both streaming services can enjoy simultaneously. (Not sure if it works with iPads)


Just ended my stream, thanks for watching all!
Just saw that my in game sound was disabled, sorry for that. Will be back next stream!


I was callsign - HEY-LIVE


Good afternoon everyone!
Today I will be streaming as an ATC on GCLP, Tower and Ground!
Come watch:)
(Expert server ofcourse!)

My channel:


Waiting for the next stream , when it’s going to be ?


Hi, I am sorry, but for tonight there will be no stream.
I hope I will able to stream tomorrow, but that is not sure yet.
If I come online I will sent a comment here.


I’ve watched your streams once they are published in you tube. Not managed to catch a live one yet. Thanks for your efforts


Good evening!
Today I will be open at KORD APP! Come check it out!
I will be streaming on both Youtube and Twitch!

Feel free to use the chat to ask questions or just tell something.

Don’t forget to follow/subscribe;)


Hey guys, good evening!
Today I can’t control😕, but tomorrow I can and you can decide where!
Go ahead and vote!

  • YDPN
  • YPPH
  • WADD
  • VTSP
  • YMML

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See you tomorrow!


Please YPPH! Because I’ll do EGLL-YPPH 😂


Haha, I would do that too, but if I do it will be 6:00z by the time I arrive


Good evening!
I will be online in about 5 mins on YPPH Tower and Ground!
Check it out!

I will be streaming on Youtube and Twitch



It is free to follow/sub;)


Good evening!
I am online LFPG APP!
Today is a special stream, I am streaming with @MaximV! you will see two ATC screens!
Check it out!

I will be streaming on Youtube and Twitch



It is free to follow/sub;)


Thanks everyone for coming by! At the end I was to tired and turned 2 planes to late. (Sorry!)