ATC livestream expert server (Offline)


Would it be possible if you could put the camera closer to the airport it’s so hard to see ?


I really enjoyed your initiative. Many learners would like to see the Expert Server in the view of an IFATC, this will be a great help.


Fantastic! thanks for taking the time to do this, a great way way for us IFATC apprentices to continue learning too 👍


Thank you for the kind words!


@DS2001 what is the name of your channel? I cannot see your videos on this thread for some reason.


Hi! it is ifatc_dylan_strijker


Is it a youtube channel? It does not come up when I search. Maybe you could give me a link to your channel?


No its a twitch channel


Oh lol sorry! I thought it was a YT all along.


I like the idea,it gives us a whole new perspective and if u are using ATC correctly this could also be a way to learn for those who want to sharpen their skills or practice for IFATC.
I know the IF u tube channel has some people operating ATC vids but they are not live-streams


Yes, I want to give people and idea of how it looks like and everyone can ask questions too, that’s why I livestream and don’t make YT vids.


I just ended my stream, if you enjoyed please follow me!
If you have any ideas or feedback please PM.
some nice stuff is coming soon, so stay tuned!


Unfortunately there will be no stream tonight 😞.
But No worries! Tomorrow I will stream again at around 18:00 CEST!
(Follow me to get a notification when I am online)


What’s that in Zulu time?



1600z, the link posted above can help you :)


Thanks guys.


Thank you.


Very interesting, I might bring that to my YT channel, as I already am IFATC. Can’t do radar yet, but that doesn’t bother me


Okay, it was GMT +2… I’M FELLING STUPID.