ATC livestream expert server (Offline)

Lately I came up with a new idea, live-streaming while I am controlling.

I think it has a few advantages. Firstly, I can answer questions of the viewers about controlling live! Secondly it gives an idea of how it looks like when you control on the expert server. The main purpose for me is the interaction between the viewers/pilots and make the expert server more accessible for everyone(It is not a place were you will be ghosted for a little mistake, it is a relaxed and professional space for everyone)!
If you are interested, this are my channels:

Any feedback it welcome, it is new for me too, so bring up good ideas!


Such a good I have always wanted to see what is like from a ATC perspective!!!


I agree with Gavin! Really want to see this 🙂


That is exactly what I want to give!

Brilliant idea Dylan! It is a great way to promote IFATC great work even more!


You’ve taken the words from my mind.

When’s your next stream ?

I’m planning to do my first stream tomorrow around 20:00 CEST on the FNF. (It will be very busy!)


I would love to watch

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I find this a very interesting idea. I’ll definitely be watching when it’ s on air. Thanks for that great idea!

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Hi guys, I am about to get live at LEBL APP! this will be a little test stream but still worth a try! I hope to see you guys and don’t hesitate to ask questions!


Great livestream!

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Enroute to your airport now, see you in an hour!

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Any feedback is welcome! Ideas too!

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  • What is the thing with the departures and arrival? A new app?
  • Is your device hooked up to a PC or something
  • Did you see I almost forgot my gear?
  • NOTAM Expect increased stopping distance on 07L due to the butter I laid down.

Request permission to buzz the tower

That is new system made by VirtualFlight, it is a test version right now.
Yes I’m streaming my iPad to my PC.
Yes it is on stream xd

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We need more of this! Love the stream bro!

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Thank you really much! I consider this test stream as a great succes! Tomorrow I hopefully have an ATC flightstrip system and a headset(the sound was horrible sorry!)


Hey good evening! I am live again! this time I am ground on OMDB and ATIS, so check it out!