Atc live

I have a question,
Is it possible for me to change to a frequency i want?
Lets say i takeoff from LAX, i want to contact KSAN’s atc, how do I do that so i can be ready to set my list in the landing waitlist? Please help

You have to be within around 27nm of an airport to contact the tower


Keep in mind there may be an APP controller guiding aircraft to the intercept for the tower controller, which you can reach from a greater distance away, and contacting Tower from a far distance might not earn you a spot right away. Busier locations like KSAN might give you a continue inbound or descend to pattern altitude, so you are acknowledged as being there, but not serviced since you are far out. There is no actual wait list, more of a sequencing line of pilots coming into the airport. Contact Tower when you’re on downwind or far out final, depending on what angle you’re approaching from. Approach is a different story. Contact them farther out so they can move you in an organized fashion into the line, so you don’t conflict with other inbound aircraft or cut the line itself


Thanks alot

Ok now i understand thank you