ATC Live Stream? [POLL]

Wassup folks!

I’m currently in my journey to getting my IFATC badge and I regularly enhance my skills in the Training Server. If you’ve been following my tracking threads, I always open up CYVR’s ATC ;)

I have recently been pondering to live-stream my ATC sessions to YouTube. I would love to know you guys’ opinions on this and how you will react to live-streamed ATC sessions.

You should see below a couple of polls for you to free-willingly answer. All votes will be kept anonymous and confidential to reduce any tendencies of bias. I would like to just say, in advance, a huge thanks to all of you who put your votes in—I definitely appreciate your opinions!

Here go the polls:

1. How would you rate my idea?

  • 1: why’d you bother yourself…
  • 3: I’m okay/no opinion
  • 5: YES YES YES!
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

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2. Should I play some kind of background music during my session?
Please note that I am able to stream in-game audio, including the ATC voice.

  • Hell no. Please no. You gotta focus on the ATC, bro.
  • I’m okay either way! No opinion.
  • Maybe: depends on what kind of BGM you’re gonna play.
  • Of course! BGM during ATC is a must!

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3. Should I talk during the livestream?
Please note that my voice sucks. It wouldn’t be a sin to laugh at my voice.

  • Nah. Just shut up and let me enjoy the ATC voice.
  • Maybe: I don’t know how it’s gonna work.
  • Maybe: if and only if your voice don’t suck too much ;)
  • Yeah! Listening to robotic ATC voice for too long rips my ears!

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4. Last but not least: will your answers (especially Question 1) differ if I were an IFATC?
Please note: IFATC is still in my sight but I will not be getting there that soon as I am still quite busy with my university work and all that. I’ll be free at around mid-April or so.

  • Nah it doesn’t matter whether you’re an IFATC or not.
  • I’m gonna tune in even more often if you were an IFATC!

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Alright that’s all from me for now. Once again, I (truly truly truly)x1000 times appreciate and respect your opinions! Isn’t it what we’re all here for? 😉


Send me the link if you do it


If you find out you are going to livestream, I will come to you and fly :D


I sometimes livestream my IFATC Sessions! Usually after I complete the livestream, I unlist it to review the session, mark any ghostings, and upload! It’s also nice to see inspiring controllers tune in so they can learn as well.


Sup @Eiknixsis and @Jens_Severin!

I will put down the link whenever I start a tracking thread and the live stream. It also helps other people to find it.
Thanks for taking your time in participating the poll!

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Send me over the link your YouTube channel! I’ll have a look and give you a sub! 👍🏻

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