Resolved thank you …

Hi Scott,

  • Could you head onto Infinite Flight and open up your Logbook from the main title screen.

  • Then, could you navigate to the flight where you were reported and click on the “i” symbol.

  • From there, you can see who reported you and we can direct you to the controller if needed, so you can PM them regarding the reasoning for your recent report :)


Go in your logbook and find out who ghosted you. Then go and PM them. Don’t get mad it can be a mistake but they normally have a good reason to ghost. If it is a mistake they will reverse it.

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Thanks Scott,

You can contact the controller below in a PM regarding the reasoning for your report:

Have a good day!


@youngblood is your guy. Be nice and he will explain.

@youngblood is your controller.

I’m now grade 2 which I’m really un happy about and totally un needed

I work and fly countless hours to reach my ratings 😁

Hi there is nothing to explain there was no ATC channel open for me to even request it the photo proves this

While we understand your frustration over the reporting. It is vital to understand why he did so, so thats why we recommend you PM your controller, so you know why he did so. Topics like this are unhelpful and can be hurtful to some members

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Please be patient. He is currently controlling and I’m sure he will be happy to help when he is finished.

Of course, but when I’ve provided photographic evidence to support my concern there really isn’t much to argue

I had requested via Unicom after holding short at 27L I followed every step correctly as I do for every flight

And I’ve even attached the ATC menus to show this

I look forward to the controls responce


It’ll probably be reversed as a comms error, but please cool off a bit.

Think about it from the other end. First, this happens all the time to pilots, where they can’t hear us. How many instantly assume it’s their connection? Precisely zero.

As a controller, if you’re going along, and everyone has been tuning into tower, the first one after everyone has been able to contact is bound to come out of nowhere and take time to recognize the connection.

We have no way to see what is visible to pilots. We can’t see.

So just PM with that screenshot, calmly, and you get your desired result in a few seconds without the high blood pressure.


Hey buddy, I’ll PM you and explain everything:)

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Thank you dude much appreciated