ATC Listening app?

Hi there!

I just got FlightRadar24 and I was wondering if there is an ATC app I can use while watching FR24.




FlightRadar24 and LiveATC is a great combo! :)


You I think can search up your local airport and it might have a couple of frequencys like ground tower approach and departure

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I use! It works without any hitches.

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Not in the UK as online streaming of airband frequencies is banned. Buy a scanner for around £100.

But with a scanner you can’t catch frequencies from half way around the world.


UK, Germany ban for their airports, but anywhere else is your guy.

Is there any UK ATC streams?

As said above, it’s banned [how you can ban reception of certain frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum freely floating in the air escapes me]. Brits here may offer some good scanners, but, with a scanner, you have to be physically in range of the radio wave

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Yeah I figured that, ah well maybe a Christmas present? Only 342 days to go!

I have an app called scanner pro and you can listen to guitar a few ATC channels on it. The best one to listen to would be San Diego as it’s the clearest

That’s a relative question. With my $50 scanner and additional magnet foot antenna, I can receive signals from Germany (I’m in Norway)

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