ATC let important plane go first

Does the ATC let important plane go first?

  1. When the plane has low fuel. Before I have low fuel, but the ATC tell me to divert airport. All the airports are too small. I want to land at the busy airport and I have low fuel. But the ATC make me line up, very long line and I crash because he not listening to me have low fuel.

  2. If the plane is important person, like president or VIP plane, government plane. Does ATC let him cut the line?

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When you declare a low fuel emergency, ATC tries to accommodate you the best they can. If that doesn’t work at your destination airport they tell you to divert. You always should plan with enough fuel.

ATC also doesn’t prioritize VIP planes. Doesn’t matter if you use Air Force 1 or a Ryanair 737 😊


why ATC doesnt prioritize important planes?

Because there are no important planes in Infinite Flight. Every user is equal. Even us moderators have to hold short and wait in a queue like everyone else, and that’s just fair. And if they would prioritize certain liveries, everyone would use an important livery. That would defy the concept of an important plane 😃


There is a chance that ATC will troll you at the TS.

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I always try my best to give emergency the top priority, but unfortunately sometimes the traffic just doesn’t allowed us to do that and yes, diverse maybe is the best choice for some Circumstances

My opinion: If you fly into an active (busy) airspace and you get a fuel emergency, your planning is totally wrong and you should go back and think about it.

In the real world they working with a slot system and professional flight plans. This gives the operations, the pilots and ATC a good overview on what is going on and how they should plan.


Question answered! 👍🏼😊