ATC leaving and then returning

I dont know if there is another thread for this but if there is any sort of ATC anywhere, could they not leave and then return?
Landing after a 15 hr long haul into KSFO, All 5 ATC was there, and then all went away and came back as I was on final. I was scared and nervous of getting a violation after such a long and good flight, so maybe if you are ATC for a airport, try to stay that until less planes or just dont be there in the first place
Again, ATC people, thank you for what you do, it makes the game even better than normal!!!
JP. Safe Flights


I was one of the controllers controlling at KSFO. IFATC controllers are required to control for a minimum of 30 minutes and must also provide in the IFATC discord, a 5 minute warning prior to closing.

This allows other controllers the ability to takeover the frequencies to continue to provide an IFATC service because after all, the aim of IFATC is to service the pilots. This is what occurred in this case and it was a smooth controller change and changeover.

IFATC are also informed to allow any aircraft on final or taking off to do so without issuing violations or on guarding when they have just opened a frequency, so there is nothing to worry about.

If a violation does occur in a situation like this (which it shouldn’t), you can contact the appeals team and they will more and likely reverse it if it is deemed to not be appropriate.

Hope this provides some clarity on IFATC changeovers and the expectations of IFATC in doing so.


Ok my bad mate!
I was just on final and luckily whoever it was clutched up for me and was able to approve me saying I was on final and avoiding a violation.
Again, thanks for everything


No worries mate, thanks for stopping by KSFO. Hope you had a great flight!


Yeah I had my best landing yet

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Hey, we always want our ATC don’t we …? 😉.

The only time I’ve felt like this is when I’ve approached using a GPS type approach in my flight plan, which might be a bit complex (eg at Zurich) … If a tower controller suddenly opens up you need to call in with them, but you may not be ready to immediately fly into a pattern position and come off your flight plan.

In this situation it would be good if we could call “inbound on the GPS” as if we had been cleared by a Radar controller.

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I feel your pain haha imagine being military haha we have it way tougher. Rarely anyone opens up Bases and if they do they stick around just a little while 😞

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I might be able to help with this, PM me a list of military bases you’d like to see open in the US east region and I might be able to help you out 😏


Definitely will do, thank you for that. I really appreciate that from the bottom of my heart and sure many other’s do as well.


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