ATC leaves as I get ready for pushback

It never fails. Expert server ATC always leaves right when I’m ready for pushback. UGH!


They don’t hate you, just unlucky timing


We are volunteers and can’t guarantee service around the clock. Sorry this happened.


At the main busy airports it’s usually just a controller change and they should be back soon. As an IFATC it is not our full time job where we get paid. We are just volenteers and our main focus is not ATC. We also have stuff to do in normal day life.🙂

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IFATC for the larger airports (Class Bravo) are required to control for a minimum of 1 hour, and especially during these times, we are close, and others are always out there to take over and help the busier places. Sorry this happened to you, but sometimes it can just happen to the best of us, and we have to simply work our way around it.


It’s the worst when that happens. Sometimes you just get into a bad streak of timing.


I know the sensation a little. That you plan a flight but there is no time to fly because the controller needed to close the frequency and do something important in his personal routine.
But don’t give up. Make your flight. In some of the attempts you make, you will be able to say: this was the best flight I took in my life 🙂

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It’s a thought life, really…

I suspect most of us have this, not with pushback or departure, but when arriving at a less obvious, smaller airport. Because the airport is relatively quiet, controllers don’t want to open there, resulting it getting even more quiet. As a result of this, the airport is unstaffed and deserted by the time you arrive. Now thats what I call frustration.

Wesley is right: dont give up 😊

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