ATC Learning Episode #2: How to exit the runway after landing

Hello fellow aviators. This is the second part of our learning Episode.

In this topic I describe you one of the more critical mistakes happening frequently on the ES. The wrong behavior can lead to serious trouble, on both sides, pilot and ATC.

Let’s jump in:

You as a pilot landed your plane safely on the runway. You’re hearing the muffled applause of your passengers trough the cockpit door. Well done pilot. Tower ATC is now advising: „exit the runway and contact ground, please expedite traffic on final.“

Out of a sudden you’re seeing this (not the meme, the plane). Its tail still on the runway.

What happened: the pilot that landed before you, didn’t vacate the runway. Instead he came to a full stop 💀 waiting to switch to ground frequency and asking for taxi instructions.
You guess it: this is not the way to do! Do not come to a full stop, never! You’ll block the runway exit for all the planes coming right after you. The command clearly says: „contact ground on the taxiway.“ not the runway, right?!

So please cross the hold short line, don’t wait and vacate the runway as fast as possible and at an appropriate speed. The plane is clear of the runway when it entirely crossed the hold short line!

This is how it should be like:

Now it’s time to bring your passengers to the gate. Ask Ground for further instructions or for a gate to be assigned to. That’s it.

I hope y’all enjoyed. Help your fellow aviators doing it right. Spread the message. :)

The next episode is about: How to check-in the right way into departures frequency.

If you liked the learning gem, tune in for the next episode.

In case you missed episode #1 you can read it here: ATC Learning Episode #1: How to hold short (of the runway)

Thanks all!

Big thanks to Tyler for cross checking as well as my fellow Langen Radar crew


This is awesome! It is so fun to read!

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This is so true 😂, the reason I most of the time give the taxi to parking at the second they turn to ground frequency, hope some of them will read this

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Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.

These are hilarious to read. Keep it up!


Thank you, that was my intention: inform and entertain same time :)

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Great work ! :)

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Well said 🤝

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So funny yet so informative! Nice job!

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Brilliant! I was kind of on the fence on this because I don’t stop when asking for taxi instructions, but I’ve seen many people stop and then ask to taxi to gate so I was confused. Glad you made this to clear this up!


Thanks guys, the effort pays of. I’m happy for every single person that learned something new. Or was entertained at least. :)

im loving all of these

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my new favourite series

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Oh, so kind. Thank you! There is one more for release. Maybe I’ll continue, when I find the time :)

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I have a suggestion. Can you do one about waiting in line for takeoff when holding short and not rushing for takeoff?

Hey, I’ll keep this in mind. Actually I’m working on the (in my opinion) 3 biggest mistakes. But let’s see :)

Cool Topic´s! Thanks for that

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Thank you Robert :)

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