ATC Learning Episode #1: How to hold short (of the runway)

Hello fellow aviators. I wanted to kickstart a series (containing of 3) of the most common mistakes, or let’s say misunderstandings, between ATC and Pilots.

Our first topic is about:
Holding short of the runway in the right way.

Pretty simple, right? Reality shows, it’s not.

In order to make life easier for both sides, pilots and ATC and to prevent unnecessary reports I tried to visualize different situations. Let’s begin:

Nigel (pilot) or simply name the pilot yourself is holding short of the runway. However, he already hit the hold short line. Both, nose and wheel should be before the line.

Nigel, crossed the hold short line, pushback car still attached. 💀
Fighter pilot concerned. Big no no. Ok I’m serious, I never witnessed. Fingers crossed.

Nigel is holding short. This is how it works.

Easy, isn’t it?

I hope y’all enjoyed. Help your fellow aviators doing it right. Spread the message. :)

The next episode is about:
Exiting the runway and continue taxi.

If you liked the learning gem, tune in for the next episode.

Thanks all!

Big thanks to Tyler for cross checking as well as my fellow Langen Radar crew


Amazing guide! Now we need how to exit the runway, some pilots do not understand the word “EXIT”


This is in planning already


Already done with it. That’s the next episode ;)


Can’t thank you enough!

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Can we please add it to the user guide ?


What’s that

Then we should visualize it more serious 😄

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Exactly this

Excellent! Please consider an episode about appropriate speed during approach! Many pilots on ES overspeed that make trouble for them and controllers. Thanks:)

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I underspeed which causes me to touchdown and at the overrun so It doesn’t count as a landing

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Noted (10 char)

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Naaa Thats way to funny ;)

There’s a bitter sweet message: it’s real. Besides the Pusback truck thingy ;)

Hello! @Black_Bird !

Amazing and fun topic! That’s really original, now we know !

Have a nice one,


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Thx, glad you enjoyed it.

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Well this is a topic that seems to always be needed and pops up every so often! Excellent work on a great visual presentation lol ;)

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Hmmm! I normally push back when i overshot the Hold Short Line!

Thats not correct!?

Upps so i learned something today!

Thanks for that 😉

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This is wonderful, bringing some professionality into the expert server! Next we need a lights guide because seeing people taxi with their landing and strobes on makes me cringe.

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