ATC @ KSSC [Closed] || Bluepanda900 ATC Tracking Thread

I thought with the new trend of tracking threads that I’d open my own. I hope to achieve IFATC at some point, and my first controlling spot is KATW in Oshkosh. Fly some patterns or to another airport in the region. Feedback is requested :)


I am online and have joined you! Call sign: COMET01

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Thanks to all who came :) any feedback is requested.

Now open in KEWR, bigger with more runways – should be a lot of fun.

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Be there in 10. Call sign NIX2545

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Wait which server? Are you on expert because at the moment there is nobody on TS1.

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I’m on TS1… Not sure why it isn’t working. New York region…

Never mind found you. Guess it took a minute to update. See you there!

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Thanks for coming :)

Sorry about that moment in the dumb super decathlon where i spun off the taxiway,

The only thing that i saw that you did wrong was you cleared me to cross RWY 22L even though I was going to take off RWY 9 from the second entry to the rwy not the back first entry

Other than that, good controlling

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Great controlling! My system was not calibrated correctly so I was fighting with it and ultimately crashed. So sorry about messing up your pattern.

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No worries, I was a little confused though lol ;)

Still open? I can come and fly a bit as G-JOHN

So was I. I thought I had the calibration right but it fell apart on me.

I am still open, feel free to come by :)

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Nice work controlling, I was Swiss 708, I decided to do a short hop from JFK to EWR and from what I could see and hear, you did a great job with the other people in the pattern. Sorry about me rubber-banding off your frequency, I’m not sure why I kept loosing connection but overall nice job.

I tried timing it such so that me a the Thai Airways in the pattern would be on final at the same time, and you would order one of us to go around, but that didn’t work out.

Thanks for the ATC services, I’ll see if I can show up to do patterns next time,

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Thanks to all who came :D. Any feedback is requested.

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Good overall, a couple of points:

  • I heard an “Expect runway 29”. With the situation you were in, using 29 would have only complicated matters. I would have used just the 04s and keep 29 inactive.

  • Secondly, my landing clearance was quite late. I like to clear on crosswind or downwind, and at latest base.

  • When N1TR ( @ThomasR) took off, you gave him a pattern entry with a sequence. A pattern entry is only used when an aircraft is changing runway or has called inbound, as if you are flying a pattern you should already be flying entering a point in the pattern. You should have just sequenced and cleared me.

  • When I received my option clearance for 04L, you told me to make right traffic, which passes me over the outbound line and inbound line for 04R. When you have parallel runways, the traffic direction for the runways should be the same as the runway - so 27 L would go left traffic.

  • After lifting off from my touch and go, you gave me a pattern entry. Refer to above. You then approved my departure request - but you should have sent a “Disregard last message” first to null the pattern entry

Overall a very solid performance, just work on the specific and you’ll be good. Here are some links for the most useful tutorials for you:

Sequencing video
Sequencing written
Tower Advanced video


Thanks for the feedback…

  • I had just used that to prevent a really long taxi.
  • I know, my plan was to use the 04R for inbounds and 04L for departures.
  • Will do, thanks for coming. Hope to see you again soon :)

So you were going to switch me to 04R for the patterns?