ATC @ ksfo

Who is doing ATC at KSFO right now? I have a few questions I’d like to ask.

Expert or Training?

On training

What’s their name?

Better questions. Can ATC ghost me on training?

Not everyone is on the forum so you may not be able to find them plus not everyone on the training server is going to be a top tier ATC controller.

No, they can not

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ATC cannot ghost on training server.

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Perfect. That is all I need to know. Thank you.

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Please Prey That you are not doing mach 2 in a 737 thought :) maybe the atc would get a little mad!

Should I be worried…?


No! Lol I’m just not going to listen to an ATC if they are just doing random stuff.

Please follow their commands, it’s really annoying when you are an ATC on TS and someone just stops following ever instruction

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Yeah, but it’s also really annoying when you’re the pilot and ATC is slamming their device against the wall and mashing the controls. If it really comes down to it, @sstewartbw, just ignore the controller as a last resort.

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Well, I control a lot on TS and I know the feeling. But, what about ATCs who have no clue what they’re doing?


Only ignore them if they tell you to do something like turn away from the airport for no reason

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