ATC @ KSFO - Training server [Closed]

This Post is for training my ATC skills.

Status: Closed
Duration: 1hr
Airport: KSFO
Pattern Work: Yes

You can request an Airport where you want me to control.

Infinite Flight in-game username: “Cpt Jones”
Please reply your Feedback on this Page. Thank you!

Hi Brad,

Try to keep one ATC thread going at a time. I’ve attached your initial ATC thread below. Simply reply to your own topic and change the title to represent your new airport at which you’ll be controlling. Replying to your topic will let others know that you are controlling, for how long and any other useful information that others may need to know to make the expierence all that more special. Thanks for the understand, best of luck and have fun!

Stay clear of CAT (clear air turbulence),