ATC @ KSAN [CLOSED] / MrAlaska ATC Tracking Thread

Decided to make a tracking thread to get way more practice with ATC, and hopefully join the IFATC team soon. Feedback, negative or positive is always acceptable to me, because it is an opportunity to learn. Hope to see some of you guys :).

When giving me feedback, please tell me what I need to fix, and what I did fine on. I want to improve as much as possible, and YOU can help me with that.


I will be attending.

Callsign: DLVA1887

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@MrAlaska I’m sorry, I pushed back in the wrong direction. Since the winds are so high I would send aircraft landing north. (34L/C/R)

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Ok, as I was flying I noticed some things you could work on:

  1. When I’m in the pattern, don’t clear me to land. Clear me for the option. The option means I can either take off and do another loop, or I can full stop land.

  2. If I’m in the pattern and you clear me for the option, don’t tell me to exit the runway as soon as my wheels hit the ground. I could be taking off again. If I slow down below 35kts, there’s a good chance that I’ll be exiting the runway, therefore you can tell me to exit the runway.

  3. I saw you gave my other DLVA buddy an immediate takeoff. No need for this, since I was still on downwind, and a while from turning base. And there was nobody else around.

  4. The last 2 patterns I did, I received no clearance whatsoever. Make sure you clear me for the option each circuit.

  5. When there are 2 or more people in the pattern at once, you need to sequence. We received no sequencing. Watch Tyler’s video about sequencing in #tutorials.

  6. I would plan more accordingly on staying open longer. You broadcasted that you would be closing in 1 minute when I was on final, and you closed 10 seconds later. The total time you were open was probably 20mins. 30mins is pretty standard at the minimum.

In conclusion, you’ve got some things to learn. Contact an IFATC trainer if you need to, and watch the controlling tutorials in #tutorials that Tyler put together.

Thanks for the service, see you around!


I am now open for a bit ;-)

See you in a few minutes! :)


Nicely done! Just two minor things:

  1. After you cleared me to take off and make left traffic, I got up in the air and you told me to enter left downwind. You don’t need to give the extra pattern entry instruction, as it is assumed I’ll be entering a downwind at some point if I’m remaining in the pattern.

  2. (This is minor) Something you may want to be careful with is traffic pattern direction. When KSAN is using RWY 27, you typically want to have aircraft on right traffic rather than left, because you have another large airport right next to KSAN, and the pattern with left traffic overflies the airport at 1,500 AGL. That’s pretty low. Again, since it’s hardly an active airport, it doesn’t matter much, but it is something to consider :)

Overall, though, good job!

Thanks so much for the information :-). I really do appreciate it, and will use it.

I am unable to edit this topic for some reason to switch it to open, and do it at a different airport. What happened?

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