ATC KSAN. 1600 UTC (expert)

I appreciate everything the controllers do for us on live however the past 15 Mins at KSAN were ridiculous.

On expert server during the time from 1600-1615 there were three different tower controllers in 15 mins whom all gave separate commands, as we all are aware you must follow these so i did.

However when the first one tells you to go around even though you are 3rd in line on final thats fine maybe he wanted some spacing, but then goes offline so i continue the go around and slip in behind.

Then the second controller comes online and tells all five aircraft currently on final to switch over runways and enter right downwind runway 27 even though all aircraft have lined up on 09 and aircraft on the ground are holding short on 09 (this is during my second approach) so, as we always follow commands every aircraft pulls out of the approach and enters right downwind. And then surprise the second ATC controller goes offline just after telling us all to do that and obviously chaos ensues on Unicom.

Then the third controller comes online tells all aircraft on Unicom to contact him and then goes offline.

Was someone playing with us or something?

Why do three controllers come online give different commands and then leave in the space of 15 mins?


There was one approach controller that made me fly out of the region do so i was no and i didn’t do what he making me do and he blocked me. so i was mad about that.

Hi! Thanks for the message. I just notified the IFATC team and we’ll have a look at it. We’re sorry to hear you had a bad experience and we’ll make sure that doesn’t happen again in the future. Thanks for your patience. :)


thank you so much i just think they need to pay a little bit more attention to who is on there frequencies.

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Hi, we are truly sorry that you had to undergo this experience. This doesn’t happen frequently as we strive to maintain a high quality performance. We will discuss this issue and will do our very best to not let it happen again. Although, please realize that we are all volunteers and sometimes an unexpected situation might pop up, causing us to leave our session early. Once again, apologies on behalf of the IFATC team.



Hi James,

I was the second controller you mentioned. I apologize for your bad experience on expert server. Now I’d like to explain my actions. I sent all five aircraft on final to enter right downwind runway 27 because 10 mile final / 5 aircraft = 2 mile spacing max. between aircraft. What I have learned from my experience is that isn’t enough spacing and instead of sending 2-3 planes around (adding to the chaos) I decided it would be more appropriate to switch to 27. 27 also allows for better spacing for inbounds compared to 09. I noticed you said every aircraft pulled out of the approach to 09, half the planes on the app to 09 continued inbound only making the situation worse. I also had some problems controlling planes on the ground and departures as well and made the decision to back out and let the chaos resolve itself through unicom. Basically to sum things up from my side I had 20+ planes under my overall control some in the process of app (some to 27 some to 09), some taking off, some taxiing, some crossing the runway, I found it so chaotic I figured I should just let the problem resolve itself through unicom. Once again I am sorry for your bad experience on expert server, I have been given advice on how to handle a situation like this in the future.

if you have any further questions or concerns feel free to pm me.

Sorry again,


Sounds like a reasonable course of action. Upmost professionalism @Boeing_777

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