I want some tips from IFATC’s and scouts. Non scouts can also join. Feel free to do some patterns.
Comment your callsign.

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I’ll see if I can come :)


I’ll stop by for a bit. JKF61

ill come infinite flight 1321

Callsign: Wideroe 2964

Know that i’m at work flying on my phone lol… Totally not used to flying on my phone, and I might have to drop out suddenly.

Ok I will stop by.

Callsign: M-AGIC

I’m sorry. I must go to the dentist😩.
If you have tips please say.

A couple of things I noticed.

  • “over-controlling” a bit. No need to routinely issue commands like “turn base” unless really needed. pilots know the pattern.
  • Don’t forget to sequence if you have several aircraft in pattern
  • Once you given an aircraft “make left/right traffic”, no need to repeat when clearing to land as long as you want the aircraft to repeat the pattern. Only use then if 1) you want to change the aircraft pattern direction (same runway); there is a runway change (pilot requested or ATC directed). In this case don’t forget it issue a pattern entry command to affect the runway change.

Hope this helps. Keep at it.

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