ATC @ KPDX [Closed]

Hi! I’ll open up KPDX Training Server(0945Z〜1030Z)
Pattern,Feed back welcome!
Thank you!

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Ill fly in

Roger! Thank you.

I’m coming

Roger! Thank you!

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Werent you at KFLL yesterday? Nice controlling! Are you planning to join for IFATC?

Need help there bud??

Nice controlling. Nothing bad to say!
I was Qantas 55. I did a touch n’ go and landing.

If you have any screenshots of @dush19 crashing. I will pay top dollar.



  • ‘Turn Base’ for the Southern Air was kinda unesscary, you could have sent when he/she flew past the ILS cone

  • Always assume that aircraft in the pattern are doing touch and goes unless specified.

Great work from yesterday and today. If you wish to join IFATC contact @anon66442947

Yes! I controlled at KFLL yesterday!
Thank you so much for stopping by and sending feed back.
Ok! I practice more hard! but,there are a lot of people who don’t follow my instructions…😭😭

@dush19 he’s in IFAE slack!

Oh great, never knew.

Send them to me as well!

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