ATC @ KJFK in 15 minutes (CLOSED!)

As my last ATC thread was closed I would like to open a new one!

I will be doing ATC at KJFK in 15minutes! (Ground and tower!)

please obey the rules on training server!!!

I hope to see lots of traffic!

I will be open for 20 minutes before I close!

I’m coming!
LH838 Heavy.

Thanks for coming but someone else might BE on TOWER
I will still be on GROUND

Could you take another airport as on ground there’s not much to train. On Tower there is.

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I’ll be there NSAM15

hey I was IAV201CS. You had good prompt replies, and this is just a niggle, but can you clear for pushback first instead of straight to taxi? Thanks!

Are u really controlling towr and ground, I didn’t see your name aroud…

Firstly he only controlled ground than he was gone.

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Hey Cap, let me give you a piece of advice;

The next time you’ll be opening an airport, try to do it on a different location where you can easily chose the frequencies you be doing. Therefore, it becomes easier for us (pilots) to help you. Try airports that are no too relevant.
Also, try to be a least open for 40 minutes so we can do some patterns.

Hope to see you next time.


Hello @captainmalik just want to remind you that the old one was closed because you had still one open!

Oh sorry!!!

Please use the old ones again as everytime creating a new one will spam this community.

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Please continue your ATC sessions in only 1 thread please. Thank you! 🙂