ATC keyboard shortcuts

Hello! When I’m flying I use keyboard shortcuts so I can use atc more effectively but I cant find a way to extend this to the control tower as in being the person who controls the aircraft. So does anyone know a way get shortcuts for ATC?

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Keyboard shortcuts? What do you mean?

You can plug in a keyboard and bind them to certain actions when I’m flying it’s to answer to atc.

Oh, okay. I have no clue so I will leave it for someone else :)


Su you want shortcuts for when you are the Tower controller?

Or when you are the pilot and want to communicate with ATC?

For when I’m the controller. It works for when I’m pilot though so I’m kind of lost

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You can select it from the settings here.

That’s what I’ve done however it wont work when I’m controlling

I am pretty sure keyboards/joysticks are only supported for flights in IF. There are no options to bind keyboard keys to sending ATC messages to planes, thus this shouldn’t work.

Humm, I’ve never used a keyboard so I can’t help you more than this. Sorry 😐

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Ah ok thanks for the help

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