ATC kept spamming me on Training Server.

So I was on about 3 or 4 minutes away from LAX when SoCal Approach told me to contact LAX tower. I contacted LAX tower but tower kept spamming me to contact them. Even when I was on the ground(pretty good landing if you’re being spammed) and contacted ground control tower kept telling me. What can I do?


Are you sure this was on the expert server? Because from what I see, KLAX isn’t on the ATC schedule nor has anyone said they have opened LAX.

I exaggerate sorry but this is true

Did this happened minutes ago, or is it a few days ago?

If it is just a few minutes ago, it’s not on the Expert Server because KLAX is not in today’s ATC region.

FYI there is a bug that causes you to be stuck with Approach and unable to contact Tower. If it is on Expert, controllers have been advised of this bug and should let you land without spamming you if they see you are stuck with approach.

Few days ago,last Friday.

Then please don’t exaggerate, our expert controllers go through plenty of training and do their job well.

Unfortunately, you will have to put up with it until you are able to fly on the expert server.

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Do you have a screenshot of the incident? Do you know the controller in the incident?

If not, can you give me a time frame (in Zulu) during which the incident occur? I can try to point you to the right controller so that you can contact him for more information.

I have 44 landing I’m literally flying from SFO to OAK just to get landings. But I have 106 hours and 153,000XP.

No screenshot,but happened at 0600Z.

I don’t think there are any controllers opening KLAX last Friday, simply because it’s not exactly in the FNF region. I did a search and came out nothing.

Are you sure you’re on the Expert Server?

This is why it’s always best to have a screenshot in these situations.

  1. It is easier to find the controller
  2. It reminds the controller on what happened during that time, especially during non-ghosting incidents where controllers don’t normally take their own screenshots. This allows them to clarify on the issue better.
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Off topic but do go arounds at a small airport with two crossing runways in a C172.

Like NASA Crows Field?

I‘m always at KEDW you’ll always find one runway there