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I am flying from kbdl and after my take off the atc sent me a message like… ‘check the forum for atc training’ something like that I don’t know if I did something wrong or not.
Thanks for your help

I can’t check now because I’m flying but I will

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If this message ever appears from an IFATC member in the Expert Server, he is trying to explain that you must’ve done something wrong. I recommend checking your replay file and investigate. Find the relevant tutorials in this forum through #tutorials or Infinite Flight’s Youtube channel, and hopefully you will find the reason to what did you do wrong.

On the other side, you can message the controller that has sent you this message and he should state the reasons to why he did this.


How can I find his name?

He hasn’t been ghosted, so no controller probably.

I checked the log book but I don’t have any violations

Oh yes. Of course you were not ghosted which is why no controller was listed. 🤦‍♂️ My bad.

If I check kbdl airport I can see his name

Yes, I believe through the ATC command list.

Yes and than where can I find his name? :)

@Nils_Esser will DM you once he is done controlling.


The most common reason for that is because people say “remaining in the pattern” before takeoff, when they’re not doing pattern work, did you say that? That’s the the most likely reason for it

I sent you a PM @Jacopo_Delle_Piane. Guess the thread can be closed.

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