ATC jurisdiction

Is ATC controlled airspace like real life, as in follows the far/aim or do they go by a different set of rules made up by the game?

Tower: 25 nm radius, 10k AAL
APP/Dep: 50 nm radius, FL180

(Note: AAL really only for places like KDEN or KASE. If elevation is 1k ft or something, 10K MSL is fine.)


Thanks for the reply, I was ghosted flying 900 knots at 4000 msl, 40 nm from lax. I was doing high speed runs around Edwards. Granted I was going pretty fast but I figured I was good not screwing with anyone’s flights. The reason I was ghosted was because I was in approaches airspace for lax. Just wanted clarification because I was under the 18000. Is what it is, ghost comes up in a day.

Would be cool though if it was according to the far/aim. Could possibly be a good training tool.

We don’t have the same specific airspace classifications, so that class airspace isn’t supported in Infinite Fight at this time. I am aware of the corridor you are talking about though.

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