ATC Juneau

Juneau has some great IFR challenges, but to use it for IFR, TRACON is required. Anchorage Center provides TRACON for PANJ, can you enable approach at Juneau?


APPR isn’t for specific airports. It’s an airplane thing. If you go in a plane with APPR mode, you can do approach mode at Juneau.

I’ll list the aircraft with APPR mode in a second.

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I’m pretty sure he means approach ATC. Not the approach feature in an aircraft.


JNU is fun, high mins to get in there makes it fun when weather is low


The airport doesn’t actually have an Approach/Departure Frequency. They utilize Anchorages approach.

The airport editing team goes off of realism and therefore approach for this airport won’t be added. Sorry

Infinite Flight Airport Editor


Here’s the approach plate into JNU. Services are provided by center.

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if realism matters, the juneau without approach freq is not real. the picture shows how appr/dep services are provided with Remote Communications Air to Ground (RCAG). Its a transmitter attached to the VOR that has a landline to Anchorage. So, it is incorrect to state that PANJ does not have approach.

Realism matters. It’s literally the point of the game.

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This is the medium of communication, it is not a label for the type of frequency.

It also says “provided by…ARTCC”, which is not an acronym for ‘Approach’.

If and when Center is re-added, I’m sure that will be a frequency.

ARTCC stands for Air Route Traffic Control Center. It means something like Seattle Center or Boston Center.

These ARTCC provide high altitude services to aircraft enroute above 12,000 feet AGL and in the flight levels.

They also provide, on other frequencies, low altitude approach services in places where a specific approach service, like Atlanta Terminal Radar Approach Control is not operational.

I have had many times my clearance to an out of the way airport handled by center. The sim should offer approach services whether those approach services are provided on site or remotely like with the RTAG.

the services at PANJ are enabled by an onsite radar dish, and the scope being in Anchorage rather than Juneau should make no difference. The fact is that there is a radar approach service at Juneau.

Um, yes, I know.

Hence, “if and when center is re-added…”

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it would probably make more sense to have approach be “approach services” because that way, regardless of the office providing it, the service would be there.

and center could be:

center (low altitude)
center (enroute)

just my two cents.