ATC- Joshua_Wentailor‘s ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

So, I will be posting when I will be opened for ATC on TS so I can gain my practice of ATC. It would be really loved if people would give feedback of what I am doing right or wrong. Sorry if I say the wrong thing I mostly touch buttons accidentally. Well thanks and hope to see you in the skies!


ATC Open in 20 minutes at Innsbruck [LOWI]. Hope to see you there! Don’t forget to give feedback!

Will open APP after I am done doing TWR.

OPEN! join me while I control

If no aircraft shows I will be closing in 20 minutes

Thanks @Snow_Cone for coming for some patterns! LOWI is now closed

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Open at OTHH! Come join me on TS! Want your feedback!

Closed due nobody showing up

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