ATC job well done at JFK TS1

While I generally fly on expert server, I must say that the atc and approach in JFK did a remarkable job today . Very good , my hats off to You guys and Thank You for taking the time to bring us in and out ! Cheers …


Who were those controllers? (So you know)?!?

They were some names I honestly can’t pronounce but they did fantastic whoever they were this afternoon


Feedback highly appreciated. Thank you!

It’s a Dutch name 😀

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It was on TS1 Anton. We know you always do a remarkable job ;)


I must be tired… sorry guys.
But I was Approach on JFK, and I have an unpronounceable name, so I hear.
Anyway, nice try by me 😉


Pronounce attempt:
de zee ew

How did I do?

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You did an amazing job my friend. Everything was organized and in order , I felt as if I was on expert !

He is an expert controller, I think you are confusing him for the person who served you on TS1.

It may be so however whoever was controlling this afternoon here eastern time on TS1 , did a great job and also approach

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