ATC Jittery

Not a complaint - just an FYI. I was controlling for about 20 min. At JFK but performance was really slow and jittery. I would tap on a plane to give a command and it would take a second to load up the screen. Then as I click through menus it also was lagging. The more planes on the screen the more it lagged. I just wanted to A) let the IF team know so sometime down the road if it can be fixed that would be great (My favorite part of IF is the ATC) and to let those know who were flying at JFK that my slowness to respond was because I was fighting technology :-)

Hi, I reccomend you check out this post.

There are some performance issues with the update, best way to relieve your device from any “Jittering” or Lag is to…

Restart your device
Close all other apps while using Infinite Flight
Lower Graphics Settings to Low or Medium
Turn off Anti Aliasing
Reduce Screen Brightness

Hope this helps, have a great day and good luck :)!


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