ATC Jacksonville Center Problem

Hello, this is @Udeme_Ekpo, I am acknowledging what happened today at the Orlando event. As I was cleared for takeoff, I took off and was told to contact Jacksonville Center. When I did that, I checked in and the controller told me to Radar Contact. Then once I requested flight following to Piarco International Airport, one minute later, ATC told me to avoid sending duplicate messages to which I did not send a duplicate message. In this case, I would have been reported if I request flight following again. Seriously, that message that I was given makes absolutely no sense especially when I’m flying to my destination because doing that will make people think that the ATC is going to report somebody for doing the wrong thing. I am a serious user and a Grade 5 pilot who is trying to fly professionally and who is trying to follow all instructions given by ATC. But all of a sudden, this controller is telling me " Caribbean 485, avoid sending duplicate messages" for nothing instead of the controller telling me " Caribbean 485, proceed on course to Piarco International Airport" . Please report this controller and correct that controller’s job because doing things like that is such abuse to the pilots as to offending the pilots professional flying to their destinations including mine. Thank you so much

This had happened at 4:51 PM on August 16, 2020 as I was banking left

Display Name: Udeme Ekpo
Callsign: Caribbean 485
Server: Expert

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Hello! Please pm @tomthetank

@tomthetank is your controller

Ok guys thank you. This topic can now be closed.

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Glad I could help!

When you Check in with Centre, it means the same as requesting FF (Flight Following).

Requesting FF is just when flying VFR.

I once did the same thing and I received the same command. But I contacted the controller and i learnt something new!

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Oh, ok, but you still have to check in before requesting flight following to whatever destination you are going to.

Not true. I’d check out the tutorial below, especially if you want to fly “professionally” and not be “abused”.


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