ATC issues

Hello so Today I was in a busy airport and after getting in the line of planes to take off ATC just randomly stopped working.

iPad Air 2019

Please elaborate a little more…

Did you disconnect from the server? (Could you still see the planes?)
Or did just the ATC voice stop working?

I could still see the planes but there was no ATC sound nor Text

Do you have any screenshots by any chance?

I have a screen recording

Can you send it via YouTube or Google drive?

Could I send it through here

It’s not possible with discourse’s UI unfortunately

I’ll try to send it through YouTube but I don’t know how

Also on Dans live stream I was Infront of him so you can see when I disconnected


I was the controller when you apparently deactivated the app and left, after being told to line up and wait Runway 14 at MYNN.

What do you mean by “stopped working?”

You have to be more specific if you want to be helped. This could be anything from the standard ATC audio issue to a connection problem.

As for sharing a replay, this site is best:


Okay Thanks

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