ATC issues

I have a question, how do I report the ATC? i was staying in the taxi way for 30 minutes straight and im tired waiting the plane in front of me keep on requesting for taking off but the ATC will answer then ignore it, he was staying there for how many minutes also me so how do i report it?

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Depends what server. If it was training server then I’d recommend just acting as if it’s on unicom. You can’t get in trouble for it on the training server so shouldn’t have to waste your time worrying about a violation. Other than that I don’t know how to report ATC.

it was in the expert server

Alright, then I’d get into contact with moderator for IFATC (idk what they’re called) maybe with some proof and the controllers name.

Hello sorry to hear your having problems with ATC.

The best thing to do is to get in contact with the controller via pm and let them explain to you what’s happening. They may have a good reason for it. It would be nice to let the controller give an explanation or an apology before reporting them.

how do i pm them?


My apologies for having such a slow flow at your airport. As a member of the IFATC myself, I know it can be difficult to answer all requests but 30 minutes seems extreme. My recommendation is that you end your flight, go to your replays and find the controller on duty. Then, it’s best to contact them via a Direct Message here on the IFC (go to the three little bars on the top right, select “Users”, search the name of the controller, press on them, and hit "Message). Hopefully they’ll have a solution for you.

Since this is recent, I can also help you find the controller if you tell me what Airport you had trouble at. I’ll DM you their profile so you can start an open line of communication. Either way, best to handle this internally.

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  • Firstly get their name.
  • Then go here:
  • Go to “Users”
  • Put there IFC name into the search bar
    It will bring up the topics they have made or have replied to or have been tagged in
  • Find their tag and press on it
  • Then you’ll see a button in their user interface saying “message”
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May I ask what airport you were at?

User reaching out to controller