ATC Issues

I believe that there needs to be a button to kick the ATC currently serving an airport out. Recently, I have encountered some people as ATC who are completely incompetent and need to learn before they control aircraft. For example, one ATC had a bunch of aircraft (myself included) in a line at KNUC, all too close together. Several crashed because of the controller telling us to do 360s for spacing when we were basically over the runway threshold. Another example: Waiting to taxi onto the runway at KSAN. I’m cleared to line up and wait WHEN ANOTHER AIRCRAFT IS LANDING.
Honestly, pilots just need a button to:
A. Tell ATC they’re messing up
B. Remove them from their Position.

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Cough cough Playground cough cough.

Honestly, they’re probably new. Nobody is perfect, so what do you expect?

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I think he’s talking about Advanced

Sounds like playground.[quote=“R_Jordanian, post:5, topic:48032”]
I think he’s talking about Advanced

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Hmm, ok had a thought about this. As pilots we have a report user button, if 3 different pilots report a ‘nimrod pilot’ they get ghosted right? Well what about if there was the same option to “report user” for the ATC guy? If 3 different pilots report a ‘Nimrod ATC’ then they get ghosted?

Sounds good.

Sorry but I can’t more of complaints about PG:
1)fly advance
2)PG is a place where all IFATC have learned.
3) PG is a place where everyone can learning ATC.
4)they aren’t part of IFATC so they can’t be removed.
5)why all planes are always so close?

What aircraft were you flying?

You should know by now that socal on PG is a crap show. Too much traffic coupled with too much inexperience is a recipe for disappointment and frustration. I recommend flying in a different region or flying on Advanced

A 757-200, UPS livery

Yeah but advanced has so few aircraft that it’s actually boring. Plus, while PG has tons of ATC (many inexperienced) Advanced only has a few (incredibly experienced).

Or maybe you have to be Grade 3+ and flown on the Advanced server too (something like that)

Sorry, but what you need to understand is half the time it’s actually PILOTS giving the ATC a hard time on playground. It’s not ALWAYS the controller. KNUC is a scary place on PG. if your referring to advanced in anyway, fell free to contact a moderator with screenshots to prove that they are at fault.


As someone who is learning ATC I’ll chime in. But often times (a LOT of times) on PG pilots (Regardless of grade) ignore the ATC. That does not help matters.

Often times pilots in PG ignore the ATC because they’re being moronic, you know.

PLAYGROUND is exactly that…a PLAYGROUND…simple

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KNUC Is a military base not a international airport.