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I’m an IFLIVE player and i have around 1100 ATC operations. But I’ve noticed that for the past two weeks, i cant control EGLL. I mean some aircrafts are asking for pushback but i cant see them either on the map and on the ATC screen. And sometimes when i can see their names in my ATC screen, i cant give them pushback. Like if they never asked for it. ITS REALLY embarrassing to be honest…
I hope to have answers to my problem :)

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But it works fine at other airports?

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It sounds like you and someone else have went into the same ATC session and he/she has got in first. Therefore they can control and you can only watch.

If that is correct you will not see any radar.

Or do you see a radar and can’t send commands?

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Thanks for your answers. UNFORTUNATELY it happens often in London and busy airports ( i never had that problem before ) but it happens too in small airports.

And no that is not the problem. I can give instructions to some airplanes, because i can see them in my panel. But other airplanes are asking for exemple : London he&throw ground XXX REQUEST pushback … ‘’ And after their request there are two options

  • I can see them in my ATC panel in the right of my screen but when i click on them i cant give them pushback like they never asked for it. ( because there is no pushback accepted button on the screen, juste misc messages / broadcast messages etc…)


  • I cant see them in the map, and in the panel.

AND it’s obvious that someone else is not controlling since i dont have the ‘’ OBS ‘’ writing when I’m controlling…

That is so sad…

We are not too sure of your current problem, maybe you mean that the strip (on the right of your screen) turns yellow, if yes that’s generally caused by poor internet connection, either from you or from the pilot himself, I hope this helps.
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I just had this issue too when controlling LAX approach. I on guarded someone, who checked in with me and told me intentions(both of which I could hear) but the plane was still gray on the radar and didn’t appear on the panel to the right. Thanks for any help on this issue

This is not an issue, he just didn’t tune to your frequency,
(maybe he tuned in, and then he left…)


The first issue you spoke about has been quoted below.

Bear in mind, as easy as the green-coloured pop-ups are with predicted responses can make life, all instruction options can be found in the controller GUI. For pushbacks, for example, just click [Pushback approved] and you’ll be guided through an immediate pushback acceptance and one that directs them to a particular runway. I haven’t experienced this issue before, but I hope this thought-out solution will be useful for you. Your other issue, I have…

I haven’t actually had this issue in a while. When it did happen, my internet connection would be strong and the usual culprit factors were all in order. When I did experience it, I’d restart my game and retry. In the event this failed, I’d go to a different airport and control there for a minute. By “control,” I really do mean: log in and log out. Then, after returning to the originally desired airport, all would be well. This is a bit of a crude resolution but it always worked for me and I do understand how there can be a rush to get to EGLL and other busy airports first.

I hope the workarounds (not perfect solutions) find some use. I’d invite anyone else to possibly build on my thoughts to find a proper fix!


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I’m having the exact same problem thanks I’m feeling better right now because i thought that my account or device had a problem

I will do that thank you so much
Take care of yourself

Actually planes tuned to the frequency, the problem is coming from me
Thanks for your answer
Take care of yourself

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