ATC Issues

Iam having trouble recently with ATC instructions. I receive pushback and taxi clearance and then taxi to required Rwy. I contact tower and request clearance for takeoff. Iam directed to hold so I hold and wait then I keep getting instructions to line up and wait. Iam already lining up and waiting. Then 8m instructed to watch ATC tutorials like I’m doing something wrong. Then I get ghost warnings so to avoid being kicked back a rating I disconnect and do it all over again. This has happened twice consecutaliv what am I doing wrong.

Lining up and wait means wait on the runway in anticipation for immediate takeoff.

Are you on the runway? Or are you holding short?

Hold short is where you hold short of the runway and do not enter it.

Line up and wait is where you pull onto the runway lined up for takeoff but do not take off.

It’s hard to tell without a screen shot of where you were at. It sounds like you were holding short thinking you were lined up and that’s why you got the messages.


So when ATC told u to hold short u did that command by holding short of the runway .When ATC told u to line up it seems like U kept holding short
Lining up and waiting is taxing on to the runway and waiting for clearance to takeoff

I think that’s a good tutorial for you.Shows what u do in certain commands and shows a lot more ATC procedures

Thanks everyone that was it my mistake I was under impression line up and wait was simply that and you can’t enter runway unless cleared to


You are not alone - I frequently see pilots that make the same mistake. Good news is you now know what line and up wait means :). Happy landings!


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