ATC Issues - Expert Server

  • Low FPS/screen unresponsive:

Since the new update, I’ve been experience an issue where I would be swiping my finger across the screen and the screen abruptly freezes for about 2 seconds. I can confirm it is not a device issue and the issue has only occurred since the 24.2 update. In addition, I’ve been getting a decrease in FPS as well. I would usually be able to control on 60FPS with no issues, but since the new update I’ve been getting what seems to be around 20-25FPS when I have 60FPS in settings.

  • Messages not being received on ATC end for a brief period of time:

This issue has been around for a while now. Controllers would be sending commands to pilots and even though the pilot may have responded, on ATC’s side we get nothing. Also if a pilot sends a command to ATC, the controller does not receive it even though the pilot has sent it.

During this time when pilots send a command to ATC, ATC doesn’t receive the message. I’ve noticed these issues occur around the 40 minute mark or longer during a controlling session and happens in . approx 15-20 minute intervals. It’s like everything goes completely blank for ATC and it’s a guessing if game, then after that time the ATC responses start to transmit again, and you’re able to receiving pilots commands to ATC and pilots responses to ATC. This one is not so easy to explain, but I tried my best to.

  • ATC crashes:

For me, ATC crashes mostly occur on radar frequencies and when you tap on aircraft not on your frequency. For example if I’m controlling a busy to moderate traffic airspace and I tap on a greyed out aircraft, it would trigger a game crash. I’ve also noticed when you begin to drag the drag and vector that would also trigger an ATC crash.

If there is one profession I’m not going to be in life, it’s a teacher because I am not good at explaining things😂. These are just based on my experiences controlling, and my observations.

Here are some of my specifications while controlling:

Airplane count: None
ATC background: OFF
Graphic settings: All low except Anti-aliasing which I keep enabled. 60FPS

Using WiFi, service provider is BTC (Bahamas Telecommunications Cooperation). I have Fiber Optic

Device: iPad Air 5th generation (March 8th, 2022 release)
Operating system: iOS 17.3.1

Any questions or concerns please do ask!


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