ATC issues @ EDDF

Has anyone had issues with the controllers giving very poor instruction, or doing things that don’t make sense? I’m an experienced pilot in real life and an avid player of IF. Today the approach controller assigned runway 07C — maintain current heading until established. His heading was no where near close to be able to be established on the localizer. I had to correct manually (After the controller said please follow instructions) wrong instruction I might add. Then I was handed off to the tower controller. I was assigned 07C, was on 07C glide slope, and when I contacted the tower I said inbound on the ILS 07C. I’m just a few miles from landing, then the tower controller says cleared to land 7R. Which was obviously the wrong runway. I was then told to follow directions (wrong directions again). I quickly ended my flight with the fear of getting reported, even though I was given wrong instruction the whole time I was in contact with controllers.

I know IFATC work very hard and for the most part do a very good job. But I have been noticing lately I have been given very wrong information and there is no way to communicate it to the controller while flying. Anyone else had any issues?



Approach controllers aim to give you a 30 degree intercept for an ILS approach. Therefore the reason why the clearance was at 100, as that is 30 degrees to the runway heading of 070.

Hope this helps mate.


Hey @C-Rich22, do you by chance know the name of the controllers who were active during the time? Often times it is best to message them on the forum and discuss the service you received directly with them. If you don’t know their IFC name but know their name in IF, drop in here and you could be linked to their IFC profile.

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Yes I understand that. But the distance away from the airport I was approx. 30nm it missed completely. Not even close. I figured it was and was able to correct it without issue.

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Oh right, your screenshots above didn’t show that therefore the reason for my confusion.

It’s best to do what @Aceorbit mentioned above and reach out to the controller at the time, as I’m sure they are able to explain and help you out.


I believe @NJ24 is your guy :) if I remember, he was controller at that time for approach I think.

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Never be afraid of getting ghosted even though you’ve done nothing wrong. Even if they do ghost you, just shoot them a quick PM and explain your case and they’ll be more than happy to reverse it. So there’s no need to leave your flight. Also if everything isn’t perfect there’s no harm in harm in going around and trying again 🙂


No I’m not I closed 4min before the Time of the screenshot


I apologize I thought it was you, so close together. my bad man.

All good:)

Hey! Like Declan and Aceorbit mentioned, contacting your controller(s) is the best way to discuss and resolve any issues. The tower controller at 19:43Z was @itzKeineer.

There were two approach controllers active at the time you took those screenshots. Your 100° clearance indicates a probable approach from the north, meaning that the north approach controller (@Arthur) would also be someone you could talk to. Please feel free to correct me if any of the above information is incorrect.

Thanks for reaching out, we hope you get things squared away. :)


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Yes I have had ATC problems before usually when I do I tune out the frequency and if they report me I report it in the support forums i don’t mind ATC when they are realistic and not rude for example (i report final and they tell me to avoid sending duplicated messages when I announced it only the one time or tell me to avoid unnecessary reports) or (when i reqeust taxi and and they say taxi runway contact tower when ready then i am making a turn and i cant switch freqencies right away so i ask for a freqency change to make it easier on me and they say u were already instructed to change freqency) this one i dont get mad at as much bc i was instructed but why cant they make it easier on me why can be nice for once and I think to my self said sending dups or unnecessary reports instead avoid the whole ATC if they aren’t going to give me what I want which is a little respect and understanding i am not going to give what they want the honors to ATC me in

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@Maxmustang… Alexsez: folks are trying to find the controller to avoid creating a major issue and more complex, anyways… @reports & @moderators are our salvation, just sayin’

take care legend!


Just read the post, I was the tower controller in the moment.

I have sent a PM to him explaining the issue, related to my frequency.

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And there is no need to have problems with ATC´s.

We are not there with the intention of ghosting you, we are there to help you land your plane and make your experience more realistic.

You only have to follow the instructions :)

Safe flights

It wasn’t me, I only vectored aircraft for the 07L, probably the approach controller was the @ArsenyKryuchkov. Try to send a PM, he can explain what happened :)


Yesterday afternoon at 5:30pm (Shanghai time) I was reported by the approach ATC, I think this was a misunderstanding as the approach ATC said to change frequency to the tower, which I did and then the tower said to switch to the approach frequency again, this went on a couple of times until the approach ATC reported me. I think the name of of the approach ATC was: IFACT Nesson52, anyone know what I could do?


Get in contact @Neeson52 and discuss it with him in a PM. If you cannot PM, then he will send you a message. Have a good one :)

Yeah I’ve had that same thing happen to me. Didn’t get reported though. I just end my flight when stuff like that happens. Afraid of getting reports

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