ATC issue

On appraoch to VHHH the atc controllers started to switch just before i got in range, so i started using unicom. Once i was on final, ATC came back but i wasnt given the option to use right frequency. Is there anyway to fix it whilst flying or is it just a bug?

Sometimes, turning off your wifi for 30 seconds works. Next time, try that (assuming you aren’t surrounded by planes and won’t interfere with others).

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Did you try going to the map, clicking on the airport and then selecting Tower? You can do this by clicking on the Globe at the lower left corner of your status bar.

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Also if you’re having problems with communication with ATC change your callsign to NORDO

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i tried that and it only showed ground

It’s possible that Tower wasn’t up and running again then. Was this on the Expert Server?

Yep, it was on expert. was getting calls to contact tower and ended up with a ghost

I will send you a PM.