ATC Issue

I was about to depart KSEA for a flight to Luxembourg, but I came across the most unusual thing:

If you can’t tell, the supposed KSEA Tower is sending me an on guard warning, but the problem is there is no tower to contact (the airport code is white). I checked the available frequencies and all I could find was “Seattle Tacoma Unicom.” Any idea what’s going on?

Unfortunately you might have to end your flight, restart your device, and restart your flight.

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Squawk 7600. Call company and return to the ramp.

Just kidding. Solution is above. At least it happened at the start of your flight.

I already took off :/
It’s not too big of an issue I suppose.

A simple trick that might work is turning off your wifi for a moment mid flight (maybe using the swipe menu), wait until you can confirm your game has lost its connection to the live server, and then turn your wifi back on.