ATC issue regarding speed


I just finished a nice flight from Lhasa to Kathmandu. On the final leg I had approach ATC guiding my aircraft into the airport. As I already hit the localizer in my fully loaded MD-11 the ATC requested that I should reduce to 160 kts. I replied with “unable” as I was already clinging onto the plane because it was more a flare than a stable glide due to the low speed I already got addressed by ATC- I was expecting a stall every moment.

The ATC then replied that I would be ghosted If i wouldn’t follow instructions, so I pulled back the throttle and let the MD-11 gradually hit its limits-it was very critical.

My question is, if ATC instructs a specific speed, is that always Ground speed? I assumed so, and therefore my Airspeed was barley 130 kts, which is crazy in a fully loaded MD-11. Also I find it to be very unrealistic and it kinda ruined the approach in terms of realsism.

No if an atc request a specific speed it’s airspeed what they mean.

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Ok, thanks for clarifying.

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This doesn’t belong to #support as he isn’t experiencing issues with the sim.

@Julius97 was your controller, I suggest you ask him via private message.


Moral of the story:
If ATC is vectoring you and they give you a heading/altitude that will send you into the side fo the mountain, that would be the most appropriate time to respond with UNABLE. Any other time, unable shouldn’t be used. If you’re at a speed lower than what ATC is requesting, just ACKNOWLEDGE the command.

“UNABLE” is one of those trigger responses that automatically directs ATC’s attention to that sole aircraft who is not complying with said command. Hence, why you likely received the “PFI or you will be ghosted” response.

If a controller ghosts you because you are following instructions, let me know. I’ll look into getting that ATC member retested.

Like RedPanda007 said, contact Julius and ask him for an explanation of what you did wrong so you can learn from this experience. Thanks!