ATC issue on Aisle 5

I just don’t understand how some of these people get qualified…

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Contact @DirkGiessmann via PM to discuss the issue with him.
And also, in the picture you are on the ground, which means Dirk wasn’t even addressing you. You weren’t even the pilot, so you don’t know what it was like from his point of view.

@DirkGiessmann Was the controller there, you might wanna clear it up with him. I don’t remember having him as my controller but I’m sure he’s great at it. You can PM him to clear up the confusion.

Would like to add that Dirk is an IFATC supervisor, not just any controller. If you do end up contacting him, I hope you have a strong case, since he knows his stuff.


Nevermind what I just said.

He’s referring to the ghost threatening

I know that now, I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary when I looked at the photo. That was my bad.

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Please PM the controller.