ATC Issue IN Infinite flight

I just opend the game and i found my self as a controller is that normal?


Did you press on air traffic control by accident?

No that’s why iam surprised

unless you were in a session and forgot to close the ATC Session.

Hmmm… that’s odd.

Were u in a session before?

No iam never ben a atc

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No never ben

Ok put this in support please


Ummm how is that the solution

um i dont think this is the solution

I removed it.

no, it’s not. Maybe u were controlling and ur app didn’t close properly. U can close the app and reboot it

Please read the above replies

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That’s really odd. Is it reoccurring or did it only happen once?

Is it possible that someone else got your device and started an ATC session?

Once only yesterday

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No one touches my device if theres and ony itvwill be my brother playing other games

Perhaps it could just be a once off bug. It’s a very unusual one.

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