ATC issue (ground & tower)

I was logged in to operate Ground at EGLL
However aircraft requested to pushback or taxi, I can hear them but can’t see them on radar
The flights are listed but I can’t give them pushback approval as there isn’t an option
Unless I can actually see the aircraft on the radar, otherwise I can’t give them instructions
Same problem when I operate Tower
Anyone know why?


Can you check the left side of your screen, where the frequencies are listed? Does it say “obs” next to the frequency name?

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As TaipeiGuru said, you should was « Obs ». This case happen when you are logging-in few seconds after another controller. So as an observer, you can hear and observe but can’t control…

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@TaipeiGuru Yeah. That sounds like what happened. @Sam_Wong sometimes, when loading into the ATC menu, the current controllers don’t load onto the screen, so always wait a second until it shows the current controllers.

may be that someone is already ground. do it say Obs… under the frequency

It’s not obs
I’m controlling, I can control a few aircrafts, but not all aircrafts that’s on the list are on radar
So let’s say you can see Speedbird 28 on the list on right hand side, left side is the radar you can see the aircraft icon with its call sign
But some flights for example Cathay 252 on the list, but there’s no aircraft shown on the radar with the icon. But you can hear them asking for pushback

Interesting, so it’s not an observer issue. How’s your internet/server connection? Strong and stable?

Someone was had this issue on IFFG, he just restarted the app and it fixed it

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