ATC Issue (Controller Ops)

Device: iPad Pro
Operating system: 15.6
This bug has been occurring intermittently for several weeks now. At times, comms with various aircraft will cease to function and if an attempt is made to transmit an instruction, the system transmits it to a different aircraft incorrectly. This is not present in replays and was extremely hard to capture. For this aircraft, it shows in the com box as if they changed frequencies and came back, but that did not occur, nor did the flight leave the strip. The final instance it occurred in this latest session, the a/c status didn’t return to active until touchdown.

I almost tapped out of completing IFATC Training over this.

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Would this help?

Different issue. I’ve had (and still have) that issue or something nearly identical and it’s audio related. Unless I use headphones through a physical jack, messages are not received on the controller end. Wireless headphones nor the device speakers work with IF. Nothing has been able to restore it.


Yes, this regards this issue and I have noticed it is more common on older devices

The issue I described at the beginning or the subsequent and separate audio issue?

the subsequent and separate audio issue

Ah. Probably should make a separate thread for that one.

The ATC audio completely goes out and it is not a physical sound issue, it is a network one

So why does plugging in wired headphones restore the incoming communications and inversely unplugging them disrupts them?

maybe it disrupts or hinders the app’s ability to maintain a stable connection, good question.

I agree; discovered that peculiarity by complete coincidence.

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