ATC Issue/Bug

Hello everyone.

Just a quick question. Sometimes When I’m flying on Expert Server and I’m on 1nm - 2nm final and I’m tuned into tower frequency and there is a controller change and I’m automatically tuned into Unicom when there is no controller but when a controller comes on he/ she starts spamming me saying I’m in an active airspace and to contact the tower frequency about 4 times and then I tap onto the list of frequencies and the tower frequency is no where to be seen and then I start panicking that I’m gonna get ghosted because I can’t tune into the frequency but I’ve been cleared to land from the previous controller. Anyways the ATC can’t bother pilots on crucial parts of the flight such as takeoff and landing because if you take your eyes of the screen for a split second it could end up crucial and will result in a ghost if you get distracted by ATC. So I would like this issue/bug to be fixed thanks!


That’s exactly what we IFATC are trained to do, to not bother pilots in crucial parts of the flight, i would recommend contacting said controller that on guarded you so he could provide an explanation.

As for not being able to contact tower after a controller change, this happens a lot, it’s a bug where pilots can’t see the tower frequency but they can see the ground frequency, there is no way around this unfortunately, if you get ghosted because of that contact your controller and your ghost will be reversed.


Put this in #support so a mod can help with this and determine if it is a bug and can try and work it out in a update in the future.

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I moved it. It’s a known bug.

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