ATC is to short

I am super tired of joining a server with ATC and it only lasts a few minutes. I can understand they have other lives but there should be a minimum 1 hour commitment if your going to act as ATC. So many times I join and don’t even get my flight plans done and ATC is gone.

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There is a minimum of 1 hour on Bravos and 30 minutes on Charlies


And the maximum is 12


This is for Expert correct?

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Firstly, was this on the training server? If so then ATC are free to do whatever they want with no rules and regulations so they can open for 5 minutes and then proceed to close if they so wish.

If this was on the expert server then as J-F_V said, IFATC members have a requirement to be open for 30 minutes at a class Charlie airport such as TNCM and 1 hour at a airport such as EGLL. Controllers who close early need to have a good reason as to why as this is generally not accepted.

If this was on expert I do convey an apology for the service you encountered.



yep. IFATC standards on expert

1 hour for bravo
30 minutes for Charlies and delta’s

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I know that, I’m asking Kody if he was on expert or training

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Hi @Kody_Schmitt, I would recommend you to fly as per the ATC Schedule as you will have a greater chance of getting ATC.


It’s on expert

I am on expert and I use mostly LAX in the last few weeks I join a expert server in LAX and with in a few minutes ATC is gone it’s very frustrating

Maybe the ATC has already finished his 1 hour shift when you joined

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Could be. But multiple times in a row

Look I wouldn’t report this if it was a once in awhile situation. This happens often on west coast expert server

Hey man, I can absolutely understand your frustration. As already mentioned LAX as a Bravo requires a 1h shift as a minimum for every ATC. However if your timing is unfortunate you’ll join the airport when someone’s shift is over. I recommend to have a look at the schedule and plan your flights accordingly to it. Your chances to get covered by ATC for your dep and arrival airport are quite high. :)

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Thanks everyone. We are looking into it