ATC is hard

Had a lovely controlling session in KDEN!! If you missed it I am doing it again some time in the week! It went well and I hope the pilots who flew for me appreciated it too.
I had Josh_Smithely IFATC fly for me for a while which made me feel happy lol (but dude you kept spawning and vanishing😂)
I also had Jayden IFATC!

So thanks from the Air Traffic Controllers who took the time to pilot for me. I enjoyed it :)




Why are you spamming the forum about kden, make it into 1 thread


Hope to see a lot of new call signs next time! Sigh* but I’m headed back to being a pilot. I know you all have probably seen my Support Our IFATC…
Well this was one of my efforts to see how exhausting and time dragging it can be! Next time you are cleared to taxi to parking, right before you exit shoot in a little thank you to your controllers. I had some pilots do that and it made me feel like my efforts were being noticed!
I will see you all later! Happy landings ya’ll

-508 out

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I guess I’m just trying to bring Denver into popularity. But yeah I see your point. I changed it :)

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you away say thank you to a good controller

Even if it does earn me a please avoid sending uneasy commands thing

I feel like going to vomit.

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I’m glad? If you can’t comment decent conversations or decent positivity then please don’t comment! I don’t mean to be cruel or anything but I do not enjoy the way you are acting

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Keep up positivity and support your IFATC! :)

Lol I never used to 😬😬

You did amazing though👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

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That’s Joshua for you

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I also changed the title since you aren’t an IFATC :)

Why exactly?

I did? Lol what call sign were you?

Oops…that was a huge mistake. Dude I’m sorry lol I completely messed that up

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Why am I doing?

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I like it too, it keeps the forum interesting. But unfortunately a lot of people here dont like that, they always complaint…

Boi… I was controlling with you😂😂😂