ATC is blind or something else is wrong

I have made this seeing on TS I asked for runway 09R at EGLL but ground tells me to go to runway 27L. 27L is red meaning my takeoff will be affected by the wind and I don’t want to be fighting the wind and doing crazy movements with the rudder so this really annoys me as I know to listen to atc at all times but seeing this tells me not to.What should I do?

Red runways are not closed… But if im the atc then i will taxi it to the green runways… anyway its TS so nothing you could do about it…

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Yeah well I can’t wait until I get to expert next week because TS is getting ridiculous.

That’s why it is called the “Training Server” for Pilots and ATC to practise and develop skills. :)

That being said, just because its red doesn’t mean you can’t use the runway. Checking and understanding the airport METAR will help you determine if the runway is suitable for departure or landing. Check out this great tutorial by our Pilot Community Manager, Mark!