ATC is Active/Not Active Pop-up Annoyance

Hi devs, I don’t know whether this should be in support, live or general so my apologies in advance.

Just would like to report that the “ATC is active/not active” pop-up message box is getting in the way during crucial moments for several times in a row. Perhaps there’d be a better way in the future to convey the said important message.

I could understand its necessity to remind pilots from regrettable consequences but if I may inquire its practicality within the Training Server?

I understand in Expert we have a disciplined ATC schedules and duration whereas in Training we don’t. So when ATC comes and goes every half a minute it just ruins the flight experience as you have to touch that pop-up box in the middle of the screen to make it go away.

I actually do not mind (tho it feels weird, sim- immersively speaking) except like just now in Training, a situation occurred where people logged in and out of ATC non-stop and I have to constantly make the pop-up box disappear, all the way from taxiing to the skies.

In analogy:

  • Its like shooing a fly that won’t go away
  • Feels like an “advertisement box” blocking your view in a paid app
  • etc.

Is there a much better, sim-realistic way to notify ATC switching between active and Unicom, than the current magic pop-up box appearing anytime it likes thru the cockpit screen? Perhaps this issue I’m experiencing could inspire for a crazy great idea in future updates. Thanking you for reading, cheers!


This should be in #live

Thanks! How do I move it?

I believe if you click the pencil in the top right corner of your original post, you can change it from there

Done. And it’s like that so pilots know, i do many hand landings at live airports and it’s happened to me before, it’s not really annoying, just don’t make big movements when clicking it to get rid of it because then you’ll either get ghosted or have to go around and repeat… And if you’re going to a busy airport chances are the tower won’t just leave. If you’re going to an uncontrolled airport there’s no issue, so i don’t really see the problem, i’ve read everything you said still it’s not a big issue by any means. It’s how you handle it that can become a big issue. :)

In training server well that’s a different issue, But it’s there so pilots know… I mean if it disappeared after say 2-3 seconds then that would probably make more sense then having to click it

for the reasons you mentioned in the original post - I’d be on board with moving the location to the very top of the screen and making the box longer and not as tall. If it did pop up during a critical phase of flight, it would potentially be out of the way enough to be able to leave it there until you’ve finished that phase of flight. the removal process could be as easy as swiping up at the top of the screen.

@CaptJJ I understand your frustration. There was this flight I did from SIN-PVG. I was in my approach phase and descending to PVG where there was a random controller coming on and of periodically. Thankfully he left before I was in my final approach phase.

Thanks all for responding and thanks to @Alphadog4646 for moving it to a proper place! :)

We’ve the proper conduct warning text box at spawn in, we’ve violation warning text, we’ve ATC interactive text - adding more pop-up texts floating in your face in a sim seems a bit counter-intuitive in my point of view, on top of that it demands clicking so yeah it’s how you handle it. I’ve tried ignoring it but it just takes your focus away, and there’s this urge (like an itch to be scratched) to click on it mid-operations. It will linger on your mind even if they made it as tiny as possible as it is not part of your flight controls.

Maybe it’d be awesome if that box is replaced altogether with something more subtle so as not to disrupt our Sim Immersivity, yet still unmissable?

Thinking out of the box, the answer might be… to make it permanent! I’m thinking of writing a feature request where an active ATC symbol would be different than that of unicom’s - it’s orange at default and greyed out when we’re offline, right? Perhaps a boxed/framed symbol when active and tuned in, or lit-up Green like on the map, flashes a few secs, dunno still thinking lol.


Maybe this should be in #features guys? A setting to turn the warning boxes off? I don’t like when they pop up-I don’t see them much but when I do it’s distracting for sure.

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