ATC Internet Problem

I was doing ATC on PHNL and had some few issued. Every 5 minutes, I normal respond to them but they were repeating, same with other aircraft. Then 30 seconds, a player disappeared from the server and came back saying unknown. It made me angry because I had this problem before. I leave the server and rejoin and everything was fine, but again in 5 minutes later. The problem occurred again, I have to leave the server and I reinstalled the app and cleared the app cache. Came back to a different busy airport, 3 minutes later the problem is occuring AGAIN. It made me made that I restarted my device and try again. Same problem occurred again. I decide to post this, but I already post similar post about month ago. ATC Ground Problem Now, I am sick of this for past half and hour.

Phone: Samsung S8
Note: I posted one issued earlier today, it could be my connection or IF app itself or my phone.

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What does your connection look like?
Cullulaf? WiFi etc?

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I was using data and the same thing happened to me.

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Seems like a poor connection. Try using WiFi and close to the router and see what happens there. :)

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I am using Data, not wifi. I don’t have wifi.

I am saying that you should try to get on WiFi if you have it and be near a router and see if t makes a difference.

Yeah, that’s most likely the issue unfortunately.
I and @NBSYT tried controlling on data several times and it led to millions of unknowns and losing aircraft, the data even did that on LTE when everything else worked smoothly.
This issue will stay for the remainder of using data to control. From my experience, best bet is WiFi, which again sorry you don’t have.

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Im not on wifi, please read before commenting.

Your cellular connection can’t keep up with all the data while controlling either

  • A Control at a non busy field or
  • B connect to WiFi

There is no need to go on the attack for people trying to help you out with the actual solution to your issue.


I cant get wifi, blame my parent

How old are you? @Gabe_Z

13 years old, can’t afford a WiFi and router.

Is it just doing ATC?

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Like your other thread, you need to ensure you have a strong internet connection, especially for ATC. Some of the unknown aircraft, especially on the training server, may be due to the pilot’s connection and not yours. Reboot before your session, turning down graphics can help allocate the network traffic more towards the atc and not rendering planes.

There is no magic solution to this problem. IFATC encounters unknown aircraft all the time on expert server, it is just something they live with.


Thank you, you can close it and thank for some little tip and hopefully it will help.

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